If you\’re worried because you\’ve never taken a water trip before, don\’t worry, you can bring your children as long as they are at least 6 years old. Tired boaters often bring their canine pets, who are already professionals, on the boat.

vodák na jezeře

So how do you start planning?

The easiest way is to search the Internet for portals about boating on the Vltava River.

Here you can also find maps of river weirs and campgrounds. The first and most important step is to arrange accommodations. You can rent a cabin, tent, hostel, or guesthouse, or you can sleep in your own tent at the campground or under a tent for a nominal fee.

If you want a cabin or hostel, do not hesitate to make reservations. Most lodgings are fully booked six months in advance.

River routes with weirs and kilometers converted to sailing time are easily available on the Internet.

This makes it easy to estimate your fitness and potential. However, you should always expect some delays on the river. For example, if you need to stop at a floating bar or at a campsite for food or restrooms. For beginners and families with children, a stable rubber raft with a barrel for spare clothes, paddles, and vests is recommended. There is no need to worry if you fail to arrive at the location you have been told about.
táborák v kempu

There are countless campsites on the river and raft rental companies working together. They routinely transport boats and rafts as well as paddlers to the places where they depart for cruises and where cars are usually parked. These services work perfectly well here.

Life on the river and in the campgrounds is quite active, even at night. However, you may be surprised by the friendliness of the staff at the facilities around the Vltava River and the friendly behavior of the other paddlers. Last but not least, we should mention the beautiful nature around the clean and clear river.

Hello on the Vltava River!