Do you feel that Turkey and Egypt are no longer safe destinations? Certainly, there is a growing concern about travel these days, and some destinations are not as safe as they used to be. Here are some destinations that are truly dangerous and should never be traveled to.
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  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo – This decidedly undemocratic country has suffered from a terrible civil war for decades and is definitely not suitable for any tourist.
  2. Thailand – One of the most popular countries frequented by tourists, but has some very dangerous places with extremely above average violent crime.
  3. Jamaica – Like Thailand, this country is also a popular tourist destination, but there are some places that are not the best to look for.
  4. South Africa – This country may have been particularly attractive to tourists because of its magnificent scenery and mild, pleasant climate, but it also has the highest crime rate in the world, with settlements by various criminal organizations.
  5. As a country of drug traffickers, Guatemala should never be on a tourist\’s radar.
  6. Republic of Chad – home to the headquarters of a terrorist group.
  7. Bangladesh – a country plagued by crime and extreme weather.
  8. Republic of Mali – one of the other countries with a strong terrorist base
  9. Lebanon – also a bomb threat
  10. Philippines – the Philippine president has declared war on the drug trade and armed forces have shot and killed drug traffickers, often with tourists as victims.

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Of course, there are many more dangerous countries. Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Yemen are all countries where tourists would never go.
Health hazards must also be taken into account when assessing safety. In some places, the risk of contracting dangerous diseases is very high. This is especially true for African countries.
Another risk must also be mentioned. There are dozens of countries at risk in this regard.