Well, dear cat men and women, are you too being attacked at home over something as trivial as your cat\’s toilet? After all, our pets can\’t do without it. Is the whole family wondering where to put it? Make sure the cat is close by and accessible. So that it does not smell. So that it blends in with the interior. To avoid hitting visitors\’ feet or noses. In short, it\’s the perfect solution that will look neat wherever you place it. In some places, it can be more trouble than a two-legged toilet. We would be happy to help you with that. And harmony will return to your blended family.
kočka ve dveřích
Cupboards and wardrobes
Of course, only for that purpose. It is not the kind of thing you would keep your clothes in. Completely inappropriate are kitchen cupboards!
mytí pacičky
That is, the space under or in the table. Any space with enough room can be used. It may be covered with an appropriate cloth. You can also use buttons, fasteners, or clips to make original clasps.

Usually there is not much extra space, but it is possible. You can even create a “place” for the cat in a separate bathroom cabinet. Then integrate it appropriately into the apartment. The “treasures” can be securely tucked away for visitors.

A seat at the top can hide the cat\’s kingdom inside. The bench in the hallway can be used for changing clothes. Some in the kitchen.

Remember to keep the cat\’s toilet accessible at all times. This can be done by cutting a hole in a hidden piece of used furniture. Accessibility also applies to cleaning. The toilet should not be far from where the cat eats or drinks water. Inside the hiding place, you can place non-toilet items. For example, pet supplies, cat cosmetics, and of course cat food. This can provide in some way for all of the above options. It just depends on how much space you have.

So, dear cat lover, I wish you success and creativity!