Few people in our country today do anything just to do good for others without getting something for themselves. And usually what we want to get is money. People will do anything for money. [Even in medicine, one must earn money first and foremost. If anyone says otherwise, they are lying.
Medicine, like everything else, is a business. And because it is such a serious subject as human health, it is a big business with a lot of money involved. It is something that everyone here wants to get for themselves.
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And it is a sad truth that it does not always lead to human benefit. At least as far as I, as a layman, can sometimes judge.
Take, for example, only my recent observations about the treatment being given in our country.
Of course, experts may disagree with me, but I still disliked, for example, an antibiotic of Cypriot origin called medoxin. průhledné pilulkyBecause it is labeled as a cephalosporin antibiotic, it was prescribed as an alternative to a friend of mine who is allergic to penicillins, and suddenly its attachment casually states that it can cause allergies in people who are allergic to penicillins. Interesting choice, don\’t you think?
Besides, the patient in question was also prescribed eye drops. These eye drops, according to the package insert, have no harmful effects on children who are not pregnant, and the same is true during the breastfeeding period. There are also possible side effects that are already known! For example, they include puncturing the cornea of the eye!
průhledné pilulky
And what about known and unknown side effects? Apparently, such information is still lacking. But still we are being treated with this drug. Perhaps as guinea pigs for big pharma.